Why Choose Sanixo?

Why Choose Sanixo as your commercial cleaning partner?

How do you choose a cleaning company to keep on top of the cleanliness of your premises?

In all honesty, it should be a pretty straightforward task.

But I know from experience that the majority of businesses have had some very negative experiences dealing with cleaning companies.

This is because most cleaning companies fall under one of two categories:

1.) Small, local owner-operator businesses that try hard but lack the resources and staff to service important contracts.

2.) Volume and sales driven, national companies that value turnover above customer care and long-term relationships.

When I started Sanixo, I was determined we wouldn’t ever fall into either category.

We always ensure we have the knowledge, resources and staff to properly service any contract we undertake. And being an independent family owned company means we really do care about our reputation and results.

Sure, like most modern businesses, we also tick the right corporate boxes on paper – we have clear working processes, training schedules, risk assessments and method statements.

But we also go the extra mile for our clients, always aiming to excel in our results and service.

It’s the little things we do that make all the difference.

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