What You Need to Know to Become a Help Desk Specialist

An excellent Help desk technician must have good technical knowledge and be able to communicate effectively to understand the problem and explain its solution. They must also be customer-oriented and patient to deal with difficult customers. Analysts will generally receive health, vision and dental benefits and technicians have the benefit of often being able to perform the IT help desk job from their own home as well as receive occasional other health benefits. The team at Collabera explains that as an IT professional gains experience and expertise, they can expect to see their salaries and benefits improve significantly. The two main takeaways that I hope every entry level person reading this post walks away with are have a plan build a network of people. You will not move up if you do not quickly start meeting people in your company and getting involved in many discussions.

These include interpersonal and problem-solving skills and knowledge of Windows operating systems and word processing software, computer hardware, and networking. In 2018, computer support specialists in general made a median annual salary of $53,470 per year, according to U.S. As a help desk analyst, you may deal exclusively with internal or external customers, or with a combination of both.

Your education, certifications and experience help you optimize your resume for help desk positions. While you can emphasize skills like customer service and problem-solving to impress employers, consider highlighting your willingness to learn. Many companies provide on-the-job training to new help desk technicians, allowing you to develop your skills and apply them as they relate to the company’s specific procedures. If you’re an effective communicator and passionate about computers, consider becoming a help desk technician. These professionals use their customer service skills to help users troubleshoot issues regarding their hardware and software programs. This job has few barriers to entry and can prepare you for more advanced roles in the information technology field.

Customer Service Trends To Watch in 2022

For example, if you’re interested in repairing computers, but you want a more hands-on job, you might consider becoming a PC technician. PC technicians physically install and maintain computer equipment, and they often travel to clients’ locations to work. Usually, a high school diploma and technical expertise are the minimum requirements for this career, but you may also need a college degree or specific certifications for some jobs.

  • Get real job descriptions, career prospects and salary info to see if becoming a help desk analyst is right for you.
  • A good help desk technician pays attention to even the smallest detail and is always on the lookout for clues during a conversation that could help them solve the problem.
  • Take the advice they offer here, network, volunteer, create a network for testing at home, and don’t give up.
  • According to Salary.com, the median annual pay for PC technicians with 0-3 years’ experience was about $41,000 as of June 2012, and the median annual pay for those with 4-6 years’ experience was approximately $55,000.
  • Ships devices to users or support vendors and tracks shipment progress.

Treat each end user’s problem as if it were urgent, and tell callers that their issue is important to you and that you are dedicated to resolving it. Let us understand the help desk skills required for a support agent to provide seamless customer support. This IT Help Desk Technician job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company. Job listings will sometimes have listings for “help desk analysts” or “help desk technicians,” or simply “IT help desk.” What’s the difference?

Daniel Greenspan is an IT education specialist and the founder of ITCareerFinder. Working closely with IT professionals, world-class trainers and tech executives since 2005 has given him a unique perspective into the information technology job market and the skills and credentials IT pros need to succeed. To improve your job prospects as a help desk technician, bolster your skill set with topics like cloud engineering and cyber security, two of the decade’s hottest IT disciplines.

What does a help desk technician do?

The compensation for entry level IT jobs varies widely, depending on where in the country the job is located, the amount of experience required, and how large the company is that is offering the position. Many tech support individuals will also teach computer classes on individual subjects to help employees and users help themselves. This can reduce the number of help desk calls, thereby allowing technicians to focus more time on additional responsibilities. A technician might also help manage a network, perform computer installations, or produce training course material. Code Spaces is a platform for learners to find the best courses, certifications and tutorials on the web.

What is service desk role in Accenture?

Key Responsibilities : Standard JD format: Role: Service Desk Agent Level G Skill: Technologist to respond to the incidents / issues reported by Customer predominantly through Voice Interaction and also through email, chat remote support Technologist to identify, investigate and diagnose the issue and take necessary …

Desktop Service works in tandem with IT Service, as one needs the other to perform at its best quality. The goal is to create value for clients that will help preserve the company’s reputation and business. Within two years you should expect to go from helpdesk to desktop support and from desktop support to junior administration. This is something anyone can easily do if they know what to focus on. If you want to develop the qualities mentioned above more quickly, there are a couple of help desk skills you’ll need to learn first.


This not only increases empathy but also allows you to acquire more knowledge while asking fewer questions. Being able to technically evaluate a scenario is essential for resolving end-user issues and excelling as a help desk technician.

How to become a Help Desk Engineer

He developed seminars and course materials for the first industry-accredited help desk certification. More recently, he contributed to A Guide to Computer User Support for Help Desk and Support Specialists, Third Edition.

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Having good communication skills will help you communicate solutions quickly and effectively and a system like Track-It! With searchable solutions and ticket history will help you find a solution more quickly. Having both of these will enable you to finish your calls faster and help more customers. When a manager looks to hire a help desk person, one trait they look for is your urge to help another person. The more eager you are to genuinely help someone, the more of an asset you will be considered for an organization.

How to become a Help Desk Engineer

As for specific industries to focus on, health care has an accelerated need for IT support and help desk specialists. The hourly wage for help desk technicians ranges from $12 to $44 per hour, depending on location, technical specialty, years of experience, and certifications held.

List of Information Technology Careers

The truth is, most entry-level positions are pretty much the same in this sense. All you do is spend your time helping with minor issues without getting enough exposure to what really matters.

It’s a field with lots of opportunities for growth, and it gives you the chance to work with a variety of technologies. As a help desk engineer, you’ll answer customer questions and troubleshoot problems. You’ll need to have strong communication skills and be able to think creatively when solving problems. Modern courses and learning activities in state-of-the-art technologies prepare you for your new career. An extensive video library forms the heart of the training process, supported by an automated Dashboard and Activity Tracking Log and a personal Career Advisor to help you achieve certifications and core competencies.

The finest customer service representative always prioritizes end users. This entails making your present end user’s problem appear to be your top concern, even if you do not consider it to be a critical issue.

How do Help Desk Engineers Rate Their Jobs?

IT technical support staff diagnose and solve software and hardware problems for computer users. Some of the roles and responsibilities of an IT help desk include providing stakeholders of a business with the data they need to make support decisions around asset allocation, budgeting, scheduling, and all processes. IT help desk jobs typically https://remotemode.net/ involved troubleshooting general IT problems. They allow businesses to track and identify issues and resolve underlying problems. IT help desk software is also used in order to streamline the ticketing process. This means customers are given automated ticketing to ensure their query is directed to the right help desk support engineer.

They get access to career resources to prepare resume and practice interviewing. They can also opt in to share their information directly with top employers hiring for IT jobs, including Walmart, Sprint, Cognizant, Hulu, Bank of America, Google and many more. This Google IT course is part of Google’s “Grow with Google” initiative and aims to equip learners with the latest job-ready skills to help take their careers to the next level. Discuss job opportunities, and work to understand customer satisfaction and How to become a Help Desk Engineer best practices for telephone communication skills. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , IT user support specialists, also known as help desk analysts, make a median annual wage of $50,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of jobs for computer support specialists should increase by 17% between 2012 and 2022, which is faster than average compared to growth rates for other occupations. The median annual wage for computer support specialists was $48,000 as of May 2014.

Respect for the Customer or End User

And depending on which department you work in, some programs may not even exist yet. Learning how to adapt and overcome those challenges then becomes crucial. To perform these technical tasks, help desk technicians often must employ non-technical skills like communication, customer service, problem solving and more. Many employers require help desk analysts to have one to five years of work experience. Individuals gain experience in an entry-level help desk position, and the U.S.

What is Data Analyst Accenture?

Data Analysts are responsible for various customer issues depending on account assignment; tasks may be related to transaction processing, issue resolution, ensuring that department and customer needs are met, and assisting with special projects, as needed. Why join Accenture?

You have to be patient with customers as they come to keep them calm and solve their pain points. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. If you haven’t honed your ability to perform well under pressure, it may be extremely distressing. Multitasking is prioritizing your obligations and remaining focused on the job at hand without becoming sidetracked.

These individuals usually have experience solving more challenging questions or problems that computer users face, and are often looked upon as experts. Some larger computer support organizations also have a “tier three” technician to handle the most difficult questions. These technical support engineers typically have great problem solving and technology research capabilities, and they use these capabilities to help solve problems for complex issues that may or may not have previously occurred.

Python has emerged as the most in-demand programming language in the recent decade. Also the landscape of IT is changing rapidly and moving towards automation, making the skills to solve problems through automated solutions very crucial for anybody in IT. In order to help more technologists master Python and IT automation, Google has designed this IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate program and is offering it through online education service platform Coursera. Whether one is completely new or has had some exposure to IT, this program is highly recommended to get started in the field of technology.

Networks are very complex, often involving several technologies and having a ton of devices connected to them. Since traditional IT education focuses on just one area at a time, companies are having to hire someone to manage each area. If you’re at an entry-level role, consider making it a goal to land one of your near future positions at a VAR. Even if you have to take a pay cut initially, the experience you’ll get will be well worth it in the near future.

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